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Weyr People


Cavern Folk
Position                    Name            Player
Head Woman            Saalah            NPC
Assistant Headwoman    TBA            Open
Cook                    TBA            Open
Kitchen Worker            TBA            Open
Crèche Worker            TBA            Open
Crèche Aunty            TBA            Open
Head of Laundry            TBA            Open
Drudge                    TBA            Open

Position                    Name            Player
Healer                    TBA            Open
Weaver                    TBA            Open
Harper                    TBA            Open
Journeyman Tanner                Airen            Kim

Airean  Played by Kim
Pronounced: Air-E-in
Nickname: Airen
Sex: Male
Rank: Journeyman Tanner
Age: 31
Birthplace: Small cot near Fort Hold
Mother's Name, rank, location: Ariana, 49, Cotholder's Lady, Cot near Fort Hold Father's Name, rank, location: Gordnen, 51, Cotholder, Cot near Fort Hold
Siblings: Ariadne, 28, Greenrider, Fort Weyr Gaerian, 25, Heir to Cothold, Cot near Fort Hold
Significant others: Greenrider Kaena <deceased>
Children: Kian (M), 3, Fort Weyr
Height: 5'10"
Build: Set somewhere in between willowy and bulky. His upper arms are well defined from a lifetime of work, though callused hands were the price to pay.
Hair color/style: Short, black hair that usually looks spiky and unkempt.
Eyes: Blue-gray
Complexion: A soft tan that gives a washed-out pallor to his skin.

Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: Airean can usually be seen in dark colored tunics, since white never stays that color for long on him.

Habits: Anytime there is a perch for his elbow, Airean leans his body onto it with his head in his palm. Hobbies: He feels his job to be good therepy, so will usually try new techniques or articles when the desire arises.

Personality: Airean is the type of man who's willing to lend a shoulder to anyone and anything. He offers advice when he deems it necessary (which is often enough), but tries not to overstep the line from 'friend' to 'meddler'. Although he is quick to offer this advice to others, everything dealing with himself takes him awhile to figure out. While he does still mourn the death of his spouse, 3 turns in the making, being kind to those around him keeps his mind from turning to a darker side. He's not exactly quick to anger, but there are certain buttons that can be pressed to truly show a different side of the usually calm Tanner. When this happens, it takes even longer for him to settle down, and he can hold a grudge for too long of a time.

Background: Although born into a Cotholder's life, Airean knew from early on it was not the life for him. Hard work had never scared him; actually, he enjoyed getting down and dirty. But feeling as though he were wasting his life on something his parents expected of him turned him off of the idea. Not rebellious by any nature, the decision to leave his cothold and make a place for himself was not taken lightly. It took until his 15th birthday to figure out what he wanted to do in life, and to rally his nerves into cooperating with his plan, and surprisingly, his parents agreed. Why they agreed, Airean never asked, too surprised to do more than pack, give his siblings a farewell hug, and get into the wagon. Airean was taken as an apprentice into the Tannercraft, and although he had relatively no trouble with the basics of the craft, his real downfall was with the senior apprentices. For one reason or another, they'd taken an instant disliking to him, with perhaps only one or two of them ever speaking in civil tones to him. It was easy enough to ignore them though, and that's what he did for most of his term as an apprentice. That is, until they began to spread rumors about him to the Journeymen and Masters. One particular boy, Ryhon, was the worst of the lot, and Airean's slow-cooking temper got the better of him. He and the boy had gotten into a fist fight, and Airean was held back a Turn before he could walk the tables. As soon as he hit Journeyman status at age 22, Airean was sent to many different areas around Pern, learning different tricks of the trade from Masters and Journeyman alike. After a relatively long stay at Telgar Hold, he was lucky enough to be sent to Fort Weyr for a spell, and that was where he'd met his future spouse, Kaena. She was a greenrider, lovely in both looks and spirit. They were espoused that Turn, Airean not wishing to wait until his journeying had finished to make it known that they were in love. She bore him one child who was raised by the lower cavern women due to the fact that Airean was still making his rounds around Pern. Kaena died in a flight drill that had gone horribly wrong only a few months after the birth of a son, and unfortunately Arian had been out of the area at the time. When he finally heard about it, a few sevenday later, he felt as though his world had crumbled. Resentment built within him, and he decided that he'd stay at Fort Weyr for the time being. Although the Weyrleader thought this unwise, he allowed it, giving the man a firelizard egg to stem at least some of the pain. Up until the small flit's hatching, Airean was a complete mess. He had never known that much pain, and only the birth of Spark had knocked some sense into him. The small, green firelizard was just what he needed. He asked to be reassigned to heal, and was granted passage into Telgar Weyr with open arms. There is where he stayed for the next two and a half Turns, only to be reassigned once more when the call went out for crafters into Canyon Weyr.

Pet Information: Name: Spark Age: 2 1/2 Color/Physical Description: A body of forest green, with bands of sea-green coloring on her wings and mainsails. Spark is just your average sized green, although everything else about her would be enough to distinguish her from a class of her peers. Her neck and tail are slightly longer than usual, while her wingspan is somewhat smaller. A freak accident during the first sevenday of her hatching has left Spark with a large scar that runs down her back and into the mainsail of her left wing, causing a diluted green effect in her coloring. While this does effect her flying ability, she's hardly what you'd call 'grounded'. Species: Firelizard Personality: This little green is as loveable as a tunnelsnake to everyone but Airean. She neither gets along with other firelizards, or humans, but will very willingly spend time with any dragon who takes her company. Even if they don't wish to be bothered, it means nothing to Spark, as she'll do what she pleases. She'll listen to Airean, and in turn, is quite the chatterbox, but anyone else better watch their step.

HOLD or CRAFT Information:
Hold or Hall name: Tannercraft Hall
raft: Tanner
Time spent in Craft: 16 Turns