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Canyon Weyr Guide


Welcome to the home of Canyon Weyr!.

Canyon Weyr is an approved alternate 4th pass RPBeM based on Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern. Canyon Weyr lies on the frontier of the known Southern Continent of Pern and is still struggling to establish itself so far from civilized society. There are opportunities for riders of every color, crafters of all halls and ranking personas available to found this exciting new Weyr.

But not all is as it seems at Canyon Weyr, and a Pern
shattering secret will be revealed before the turn is out!

Are you willing to work hard? Are you willing to carve out your place at Canyon Weyr?
Rise to the challenge and join our new Weyr!

Play has commenced and a turns end celebration has errupted. Join us and share in the festive season!

Discover Canyon Weyr for yourself. Contained within this site is all relevant information you will need to begin your journey with us and to support you in the future.

The History of Canyon Weyr

Known Pern was bursting at it's seems with Holders, Riders and Dragons alike. All the extinct volcanoes had been occupied and unrest was growing within the Northern and Southern Weyrs. Many were turning further South for the answer.  

Upon her own accord Queenrider Palora petitioned her Weyr's Leaders for leave to scout out a new Weyr in an effort to resolve there own severe overcrowding problems. The conservative Leaders were reluctant, claiming their greater numbers meant better protection for the Holds they were responsible for. Palora's cause was almost lost until she discovered  research into plague within Weyrs.

After consulting with several Master Healers, Palora was able to convince both her Weyr Woman and Weyr Leader that their current situation made for the perfect platform for plague and pestilence to strike.

Palora's request was quickly approved and with her queen Tranath, she began a quest to locate and establish a new Weyr. On an instinct, Palora followed the Plains River. It's wide rushing waters led her all the way to an immense Canyon where the river's waters cascaded into the ravine and continued to wind it's way through the valley deep below.

There in the canyon's majestic walls Palora and her Queen discovered a network of caves of all descriptions and sizes linked by an intricate tunnel system, perfect for Weyrs. At the very top of this network of caves,  they discovered a long spiraling passage, which descended downwards from an entry way onto the plains above. Many passages branched off from this main passageway that continued to descend to the very base of the canyon.

Curiosity as her motive, Palora followed the smooth spiraling slope all the way to it's bottom. There she came upon a sandy cavern by the rushing river, heated by mysterious geothermal sources. The sands below her feet were  hot,  ready to harden a sizable clutch.  Later, it would be discovered that this Weyr had once been an ancient's mining site, paving the way for Miner Crafter explorations into deposits in other areas nearby.

Excited, Palora and Tranath  returned triumphant to her then current Weyr. Defying protocol she avoided her Weyr Leaders and went straight to her weyrmate, J'lon. Both he and his bronze Domarth returned with the excited Queen rider to see her new find for themselves..

Within the turn the two riders had relocated to Canyon Weyr to begin carving out their new life. Many riders and non-riders joined the pair, any issues about the remote location over thrown by their gratefulness for space and privacy! But with another Gold joining their rank, the race was on to see whose Queen would rise to establish the new Weyr Leadership.

It was fate when Tranath rose with Domarth catching her in one of the longest Gold flights recorded.  This legendary flight crowned Palora Weyrwoman and J'lon Weyrleader. A new era of Dragonriders were born.

The Frontier Today

It is several turns later and times are tough. Several holds, Cotholds and halls have sprung up around the fertile land along the Plains river  whose nourishing waters run through the Canyon where the Weyr rests, but they too are struggling to become established and are unable to tithe to the Weyr at present. Loans sought from Northern Holders to finance their venture need to be repaid and  excess grain and herds are shipped back to fulfill the debt. Supplies are limited and Canyon Weyr and the new Holds are struggling to support themselves.

The Weyr has had some success having established crops and herds of their own. A sizable clutch was also hatched producing the first generation of Canyon Weyr dragons. Their numbers grow stronger with transfers form many Weyrs fleshing out their ranks. J'lon predicts that by the time fall comes, they will have more than a full compliment of fighting wings to cover their marked territory. The dragons mainly rely on hunting in the surrounding territory to both satisfy their needs and also aid in the struggle against the many prides of felines that roam the land.

Plains River, the closest Hold to Canyon Weyr and its closest ally have recently established a humble but much needed Harper Hall in which to train teachers for the new area and occupy some of the youth who had accompanied their families to this remote place. The Holds largest produce are ovines and the hold runs more than two thousand head of beast on the property. Grain is their second largest commodity and crops have been successful in the past few turns. However rain has been scarce of late and the new planted grain hasn't received the rain it desperately needs. Their exports to the North have brought them much wealth, however between holdless bands and felines, the trade lines are often under siege. The Lord Holder of Plains River has appealed to the Weyr for escort and were successful in securing the Weyr's assistance in return for two hundred head of porcine. But the bands still persist and the felines still attack. The area is dangerous terrain to travel alone and unaided.

Lightening Ridge is booming. The mines are producing a bounty of glows which are transported North via barge along the river. The prospectors are raking it in, and where there are marks there are gamers. The recent boom has attracted Bitran gamers and the Hold is now plagued with gambling, alcohol and an influx of women looking to attract a newly rich man for their own. The Lord Holder of Lightening Ridge is as corrupt as it comes and has found a way to exploit every facet of the Holds dealings both above and below board. A Miner Craft Hold has been established by default due to need and the Master Miner has to play by the Holds games to keep the integrity of the Hall in some semblance of order.

Far Horizons Hold has recently succeeded in producing both ale and wine. The vintner hall was set up as a diversion from their grain and herd beast endeavors. The materialistic Lord and Lady Holder have born a tense relationship with the Weyr, and their politeness is born purely out of the need for protection from thread in turns to come. Their expectations of wealth and power are slow to being fulfilled and the pair know that the Weyr will expect a tithe as soon as their commitments to their Northern financiers have been fulfilled.

The Location of Canyon Weyr  

Click the above map to see full size map of the Southern Continent

Arial View of Canyon Weyr

1. Hatching Grounds
2.Star Stones and Eye Rock
3. Plains Level Entry into the Weyr
4. Herd Fields
5.  Crops
6. Entry to Dragon Infirmary
7. Raised Bed Herb Garden
8. Wherry Pens
9. Entry to Weyrling Barracks & Weyrling Training Ground
10. Entry to passage up to Great Hall
11. Porcine Sheds
12. Trader Route
13. Entries into Weyr
14. Safe Weyrling Bathing Area
15. Waterfall
16. Carpine & Ovine Fields
17. Gold & Green Dragon size reference