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Before you apply to Canyon Weyr, please read the rules of play. Please note that Canyon Weyr has several unique features which you will need to consider in regards to your application and character creation and of course we expect all players to respect the conditions that Anne McCaffrey has put forth .

Anne's Rules

A. No characters created by Anne McCaffrey can be used, in any way.
B. No religion, magic, or war on Pern.
C. Other universes, whether created by Anne McCaffrey or other people, will never be involved with Pern.
D. There are only five dragon colors: Gold, bronze, brown, blue, and green. There are no other colors, and there are no sport dragons.
E. Golds will only Impress to women. Bronzes will only Impress to men.
F. Benden Weyr and Ruatha Hold are off limits.
G. NO fanfiction, or poetry, whether your own or quoted from Anne McCaffrey's works.

Canyon Weyr Rules (with permission from the writer)

1) No flaming

2) Writers must be over 16.

3) In Canyon Weyr, the following people can Impress the following:colour dragon

Gold: Heterosexual female
Bronze: Heterosexual male
Brown: Heterosexual, or, rarely, bisexual male
Blue: Bisexual or homosexual male Please note that females may impress blue, however this is extremely rare due to the time in which Canyon Weyr is set. All blue female riders must obtain BoD approval before you may create them. A female blue rider will be rarer than a Gold flit!
Green: Homosexual male or heterosexual female.

4) Candidates *must* be between ages 12 - 22. Very rarely, an exception for older or younger *might* be made at BoD discretion, but you need to have a very well-thought out reason for it! When writing young Candidates, please do remember that if they Impress, they will not be able to join a Fighting Wing until they Turn 15 at the earliest. However, Canyon Weyr will allow Candidates and Weyrlings to impress flits.or have flits as pets. This is on the condition that the flit is played regularly. Players who fail to play their flits on a regular basis may see the flit in question listed for termination... again see the rules below pertaining to this situation with characters.

5) "unofficial" Apprentices (like Robinton as a child) can be any age, but be aware that for a child to be apprenticed early they have to show more than the normal amount of promise or possess some rare ability. Under normal circumstances, Apprentices start at 12 -14, Journeymen are at least 18, and Masters are at least 30.

6) Posting is mostly round-robin style, but full length solo or coposts are quite happily accepted. A Round Robin post must be at least five full sentences in length. A solo or copost can be as long as you want it to be. Please refer to our Posting Guide for further details.

7) Canyon Weyr and it's surrounding Holds and Halls are a dynamic setting where danger lurks at every turn. As such, the BoD may inform you of the death of one of your characters,. Please note that the BoD will limit this type of activity so that your role play is exciting but not impeded. Highly active characters will be less likely to be selected for termination. You will be responsible for designing your characters demise but a time frame will be provided for you to comply with the request. If you fail to comply with the request within that time or have not asked for an extension of time in which to comply, a ranking persona will be allotted to post your characters death instead You may volunteer a character to die, however you will need BoD approval before you do this. You may appeal the BoD decision to terminate your character, however sufficient reason to keep your character alive will be required.

9) All metallic dragons, flits and whers or ranking personas require BoD approval before they are created. At present you are quite likely to be approved due to Canyon Weyrs newness. The same can be said for new Cotholds, Holds and Craft Halls.

Leaving the Group
You may, at any time, decide to leave Canyon Weyr. If you adopted your personas, they revert back to the adoptable page. If you created the persona yourself, you may do what you like with them. Kill them off, or transfer them, whatever you want, but you must clear it with the BoD first.

There are always exceptions to every thing, but you'd better have a darn good reason!