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Posting Requirements


Posting Requirements

All ranking personas are expected to fulfill their ranks requirements. Of course allowances are made for LOA's and we have attempted to be fair with regards to the frequency of posting you are required to fulfill.

Gold Riders. All Gold riders are expected to lead by example due to the extremely privileged position that they hold.  Gold riders are expected to post at least twice a week and begin a new thread every fortnight. By this we mean a thread that will include more than your own characters and include other members of the Weyr. Open posts would be preferred.

Bronze riders, Masters, Lord & Lady Holders, Holdless Leaders and Head Women & Stewards are expected to post at least once a week and contribute to as many threads as possible.

All ranking personas are expected to interact and include the players of new members as appropriate. Again as examples of our Weyr we expect you to make all new comers feel welcome and provide an opportunity for them to interact with a playing character. There is nothing worse then having the excitement of joining a new weyr and spending time and energy into creating a character only to have them ignored after your first post! So please keep this in mind when you notice a new player arriving at Canyon Weyr.

All players are expected to post at least twice a month for each character. The BoD are continuously monitoring player activity and players who demonstrate a continual amount of activity and quality of posts.. IE more than the prerequisite of two per character per month and posts with correct spelling (easy to do with the use of a spell check) interesting plots and providing room for other characters to join in, will have a greater opportunity of obtaining a ranking persona or metallic flit, dragon or wher in future character submissions.

Post Format

All posts must contain orientation markers and your characters signature.
Orientation markers are as follows:

Your signature consists of your characters name followed by their rank and dragon, flit and/or wher's name. Any further info such as children or weyr mates is optional.

e.g.: J'ones, Wing Leader bonded to Bronze Smyth. Weyrmated to Green rider Jane. Green Flit Sil looks to him.

Speech Punctuation

"Normal Human Speech"
'Human Thought'
]]Human to dragon speech[[
}}Dragon Speech to either human, dragon or otherwise{{
~~Flitter Emotion~~
>>Wher Emotion<<