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High Altitude
Rank                     Name                 Player
Weyr Leader            J'lon                Kristie
Wing Second        TBA                Open
Brnzerider            M'lawn            Gally
Brwnrider            E'mon                Rhys
Brownrider            T'lay                Carah
Brownrider            Q'wed            Adoptable
Bluerider            O'dette        Adoptable
Bluerider            TBA                Open
Greenrider            Alaylee        Adoptable
Greenrider            Chissa                Katherine
Greenrider            TBA                Open
Greenrider            TBA                Open


J'lon   played by Kristie
Pronounced: Jeh'lohn
Nickname: Jol (only used by Palora)
Sex: M
Rank: Weyr Leader
Age: 32
Birthplace: A small cothold beholden to Bitra Hold
Mother's Name, rank, location:. Menolena, Retired Herder, 64  
Father's Name, rank, location: J'dar, Brown Rider, Igen Weyr, deceased
Siblings: Half sisters Malower 28 Journey woman Herder, Alaylee 21 Greenrider Canyon Weyr
Significant others: Palora
Children: Jerona, daughter 14, fostered to her biological mother's mother.

Height: 6'1
Build:  Medium build, broad shoulders and muscled body. However he's starting to lose some muscle tone in his older age.
Hair color/style: Dusty brown with blonde highlights. Short back and sides with a loose fringe.
Eyes: Hazel Brown with a few amber flecks
Complexion: Since his time in the Southern Continent he has acquired a medium brown tan. He has a few lines around the corner of his eyes and his skin is prone to drying out in the warm weather of  the Southern Summers. There are callused patches on the underside of his hands and feet.
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better:
His looks resemble that of a young Harrison Ford in Star Wars. His demeanor is confident and although he enjoys a good time and revels in the love for his Weyrmate, he spends many sleepless nights studying the copied hides of records on thread fall and frets about the unknown patterns that will strike their territory.

Habits: Prefers fresh juice in the morning over Klah and sleeping on the right side of the sleeping pallet.
Hobbies: The majority of his spare time is spent studying thread fall patterns and going over wing lists and other facets of his responsibilities as Weyr Leader, always looking for ways to improve and innovate their current practices.
J'lon spent his youth as a womanizing scoundrel, but since taking Palora as his weyrmate his ways have mellowed somewhat and his affection lies only with her. Since assuming responsibility for the Weyr he has become quite responsible and somewhat serious, however his burden weighs heavily with threadfall only a few turns away. His stern attitude stems from his concern for the welfare and safety of his riders and their dragons.

He is strict but fair in his dealings. But in some instances, he is human and prone to letting his personal feelings interfere with his judgment at times. Usually Palora or Dormath will point out his indiscrepency. During those occasions he will apologize and rectify the situation.

In his personal life, J'lon is affectionate and caring towards his mate and fiercely defensive of her toward anything that threatens his Palora. However his mood is quick to shift when his work conflicts with his pleasure. He's not good at talking about his emotions, but he will on occasion confide in Palora. He appreciates the support she offers him and returns her gentle strength with his own efforts to support her.

J'lon is a loyal friend and a good listener. He enjoys kicking back with the boys on a ledge at sunset to wind down for the day. He also loves joining in any sports or hunting when he gets a spare moment.

Turns before he had assumed his role as Canyon Weyr Leader, J'lon had been quite a rogue at High Reaches Weyr following his impression of Bronze Domarth. He was born on a small cothold and raised buy his mother under the control of  his abusive grandfather. The older man's  cruelty served to make his grandson dream of a better life. Although the pair suffered, his mother managed to escape the brutal cotholder through handfasting an older but kindly man who lived a fair distance away. J'lon, then five, and his mother were happy with Ayaln, whose means were modest but his gentle nature generous. Within a couple of years J'lon's sisters were born.

Shortly after his eighteenth birthing day not one turn following graduation from his senior Weyrling turn, one of the many green riders he had bedded gave birth to his first and only child to date. He provided some marks to contribute to the babes welfare but he was not prepared to assume the role of father and had very little to do with the girls upbringing. He still ensures his daughter receives gifts on her birthingday and at turns end, however despite his change of heart the father and daughter have an estranged relationship at best.

His scandalous behavior changed the day Domarth caught
Tranath in her first Goldflight. From that moment forward he was devoted to the Goldrider Palora, and despite their initial exasperation with one another, the pair soon realized there was no person better suited for themselves than one another.

Dragon Information
Name: Domarth
Age: 16
Color: Deep Bronze with a sheen of a lighter bronze across his underside.
Sire/Dam: Lerinath, Sire deceased. Herilath, Dam.
Personality: Strong willed and determined and a little heavy handed in his dealings, the older Bronze now pools his efforts into ensuring order amongst the ranks. The rest of his time is spent supporting his bondmate in their efforts to prepare the new Weyr for threadfall. He keeps the upstarts in line and instills respect in any dragon that would show him anything but. Only his Queen and weyrmate Tranath and his rider's sister's green have any sway over him.
Wing: Swiftwind.
Where impressed: High Reaches


M'lawn   played by Gally
Pronounced: muh-law-n
Sex: male
Rank: bronzerider
Birthplace: Crom Hold
Mother's Name, rank, location: Muryal, wife, Crom Hold
Father's Name, rank, location: Lawdon, miner, Crom Hold
Siblings: many brothers and sisters
Significant others: Neilara, Weyrmate and his daughter's mother, deceased (died in labour)
Children: Lawneila, 5 turn old
Build:152 lbs
Hair color/style: dark brown, quite short and cut in layers along the back of his skull
Eyes: olive green with some touches of brown
Complexion: easily gets a tan
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better:
Habits: Putting his hand in his hair when he's nervous or ill-at-ease with someone
Hobbies: Reading, looking at Lawneila and Korenth playing together

Personality: M'lawn is someone very responsible, maybe a little too much! He never departs from his principles. Very stubborn. When he thinks about something in a way, you cannot make him change his mind. That's his main fault but also his main quality. You can always trust him. If you give him something to do, you could be sure it'll be quickly and correctly done.

Background: Murylawn had had a happy childhood, he was a loved and loving son. He got on well with his brothers and sisters and used to put an end to their quarrels. Right from the beginning, he had inherited the sheer sense of justice from his mother. He started as a miner apprentice at 12, especially learning how to work with watchwhers. At 14, he was Searched and Impressed at 15. Lawdon was very proud of his son, becoming a dragonrider had always been his dream and he was glad to see his son fulfill it. From then, M'lawn lived only for his dragonmate... until he met Neilara at 18 with who he fell in love. Unfortunately, she died giving birth to their daughter 2 turns later. Now, he's recovered from his loss but wants to have a new start. Hearing a new Weyr was settled, he asked to be transferred with his daughter. He couldn't leave without her since she's the only thing left of his beloved Neilara.

Would you like your character to be considered to be Searched as Candidate? Yes or No No! ;))) lol

Dragon Information (For dragonriders or back dated Weyrlings only)
Name: Korenth
Age: 10
Color: Bronze
Personality: Very calm. He always has a dignified attitude. He loves watching and helping the hatchlings make their first steps as he loves looking after his' daughter.
Wing: Will be filled in for you.
Where impressed: High Reaches Weyr

PET Information: (Please note, candidates can't have pets. No bronze or gold flits without BoD) permission

HOLD or CRAFT Information:
Hold or Hall name: Crom
Craft: Miner
Time spent in Craft: 2 turns


Q'wed   Played By: Open
Age:  26
Rank: Wing Second
Gender:  Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Birthplace: Southern Hold
Mothers name/rank/age: Quenda Master Weaver 48
Fathers name/rank/age: Wenlard Master Herder 52
Foster Parents: None
Siblings: Grander, brother 21 journeyman Beast crafter
Children/Foster children: None
Significant others: None
Hair color/style: Flaxen Blonde
Eye color/shape: Brown
Build: Tall and well muscled although a little on the stocky side.
Height: 6'1
Complexion: Slightly tanned., a few blemishes here and there.
Identifying marks: Scar behind his right ear
Dress Style and colors: Mostly grays and browns, like to throw on a deep russet shirt with dark brown pants for gathers and other special events. He has two pairs of boots. One for mucking in and another reserved for special occasions. His appearance is neat but fairly relaxed.

Querwed was raised at Southern Hold. His parents both worked for the Hold and he and his brother were raised obtaining the usual Harper education. Both brothers entered into an apprenticeship as Beast crafters, however Querwed was searched following his seventeenth birthday and Impressed brown Veith at Southern Weyr.

The bonded pair have been recently transferred to Canyon Weyr at the riders request. An unrequited love for the Weyr Woman Niatta is the undisclosed reason for the transfer, however more opportunity for promotion is his official reason.

A stickler for rules he's only found himself at odds with his own strict ethical construct when it came to his lust for his ex Weyr woman. To avoid conflict he did the only thing he knew would solve the problem and he decided to remove himself from the Weyr.


Q'wed is a fairly quiet individual who prefers intimate company rather than a gather table of people to enjoy his time with. He's a pleasant enough fellow and often goes by the book too readily. However, a few good glasses of red will loosen his tongue and embolden his spirit and that's when he's likely to bed the first Greenrider who drifts his way or break out into song, which is an unpleasant affair for all in hearing distance.

He is an honest and loyal fellow. Slow to joke but quick to smile. He doesn't have a fiery temper and usually goes stony quiet when he's angry, frustrated or annoyed.

He has a very marked interest in Weyr protocol and takes his position as Wing Second seriously. He knows what it takes to produce effective and strong dragon riders and diligently applies himself to furthering his knowledge of all aspects of the Weyr, dragons and dragon riding in general.

He has carried a torch for Niatta since he first set eyes on her as a candidate. Any other dalliance he has engaged in to distract himself form the WW has been a bitter disappointment. But he's determined to get over her in his new life at Canyon Weyr.

Veith has been a source of support to Q'wed.  The brown has also proved valuable in instances when Q'wed dedication to protocol has been to his detriment. The dragon will offer good reasons for overlooking or stretching certain rules in these instances often to the benefit of all involved.   

Q'wed is good at working leather and hide. Particularly riding straps and is adept at decorative but useful straps. An offshoot of his days with his mother and her weaving pursuits and creative endeavors.

Pets: Flit, Blue, Jak

NPC's: Nil

Your Dragon
Name: Veith
Age: 9
Color: Brown
Wing: TBA
Size: Length 34 ½  feet Wingspan 57 feet
Appearance: Matte chocolate brown with some lighter patches near his ridges and around his face, several scars along his left hind flank from a run in with a feline in his youth.
Sire/dam: Sire: Derth Dam: Imelth
Where Impressed  Southern Weyr
When Impressed: 9 turns ago
Abilities: Competent wingrider, knowledgeable of every formation utilized at Southern. Has also assisted his Wingleader at various times with "hide work" and such.


E'mon   played by Rhys
Nickname: Eem
Sex: Male
Rank: Brown Rider
Age: 26
Birthplace: Bitra
Mother's Name, rank, location: Please fill in even if deceased.  Emelien, Herder, Bitra
Father's Name, rank, location: Please fill in even if deceased.  Ondraes, Herder, Bitra
Siblings: Nil
Significant others: Nil
Children: Two, estranged
Height: 188cm tall
Build: Sticky and muscley
Hair color/style: Vlack. Short and shaggy.
Eyes: Brown, narrow, under a heavy brow.
Complexion: Deeply tanned.
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: E'mon is a bloke who swaggers and doesn't walk. He's handy with a knife and bears the scar down his right cheek that he earnt in a fight over a gambling debt in the North during his youth before impressing.

Habits: Picking the dirt form under his finger nails with the tip of his knife.

Hobbies: Gambling, Drinking and bending the law to his liking. He doesn't mind a pretty face in the mix either.

Personality & Background: Sharp witted and calculative, E'mon came South to exploit the nature of the Weyr and it's location that  he'd be joining. He has a chip on his shoulder a mile wide and enjoys toying with peoples emotions.

He likes to gamble and is pretty good at cutting his losses, or cutting up those who make him lose.

Like his father he's a drunkard. Like his mother, he's not good in close relationships and steers clear of them. E'mon is a good dragon rider and knows how to play the responsible rider in the Weyr. But he prefers visiting the local tavern or gambling house to get his kicks instead of joining in what he calls "All that bull shit Weyr spirit crap the Weyr Leaders call entertainment"

He's not prone to making friends and has more business partners and contacts, however tentative and distrustful their acquaintance may be.  He respects and honours his fellow wing riders, but refuses to socialise with them too much.

He's been in love once. A young Drudge whom he witnessed brutally raped by his abusive father when the older man caught the two rolling in the hay outside. She never forgave him for not standing up to his father and committed suicide shortly after the event.

E'mon has never forgiven himself for his weakness in his role of the girls death and for his weakness at letting himself feel love in the first place. Upon impressing, at the age of 19 in a clutch marked by tragedy when all but three hatchlings including a Gold died after they were unable to impress due to a shortage of females standing, E'mon vowed to seek revenge on his father.

His duty to brown Maelgreth ensured he never compromised his life in this regard. However, two years later he managed to hire a brute to perform the sadistic murder for him. Sweet was the taste of ale the day he received word his father had been found dead in a most disgusting manner.

Over the years the young man mellowing a little. He's slowly finding a better balance in his relationships in the Weyr. But females are a mere inconvenience to his male and dragon induced lust and he'll use whatever tail comes his way.

Would you like your character to be considered to be Searched as Candidate? Yes or No No

Dragon Information (For dragonriders or back dated Weyrlings only)
Name Maelgreth:
Age: 7
Color Brown with bronze marks on his underiwng and belly.
Sire/Dame: Smirnoth & Harvuth (Deceased)

Maelgreth is a brown who has been warped by his riders warped perception of the world. He has come to hold grudges against all those dragons who beta him in a flight or during practice as a weyrling. He despises those greens who chose others over him in a flight which has been all but three over the years.

His riders drinking during Weyrlinghood has also helped toy with the Dragons psychological well being. Although Maelgreth is more ethical and personable than his rider, the dragon is still hard to converse with outside of wing assignments and last to volunteer for any hard work if his rider is against doing it.

Wing: Swiftwind

Where impressed: Igen

HOLD or CRAFT Information:
Hold or Hall name: Herder
Time spent in Craft: 3 turns


T'lay   (Talley,)
Pronounced: Taal-LEE, TEH-lay
Nickname: Tal
Rank: Brownrider
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Physical Information
Build: Medium bone structure, very well proportioned
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown, with gold highlights, shoulder length
Eyes: Blue with greenish flecks in the middle
Facial Features: Fine boned, aristocratic
Complexion: Fair, but tans easily
Identifying marks/scars: cheeks are wind worn
Clothing: Likes loose tunics and wherhide pants in blues and greens
Accessories: Wears a thong with a baby dragon's tooth that came from Doranth
Habits: Talks a lot, tends to defend the underdog
Hobbies: Likes fishing of ANY kind, likes to go fishing, fishing is his favorite hobby...
Likes/Dislikes: Doesn't like bullies, likes open talkative people.
Personality: T'lay is an easy going and very outgoing personality. He enjoys being around people. He is quick to defend anyone who is being put upon. He has an ingratiating personality that has an effect on others. He is hard working and extremely intelligent. He can pick up anything the first time around. He makes friends easily and is loyal to a fault. T'lay's only downfall is his love of wine. It gets him into trouble, more times than not.
Birthplace: Small cot near the north western tip of Ista Island.
Mother: Tashia, cotholder's lady
Father: Laynel, cotholder
Siblings: Many small brothers and sisters
Significant Others: None
Children: None
History: Talley is the oldest of a large family. He has had to raise his younger siblings since he was 7 turns old. His mother has run off many times, just to be followed and eventually brought back by his father. Talley is no stranger to responsibility. He takes on more than his youth shows. He is strong and openly adores his younger siblings. At 16, he was out getting water for the family cot and was searched by a blue dragon from Ista Weyr. His father did not want him to go, because of his mother, but Talley could not resist the call of the Weyr. It was always a dream of his to be a dragonrider, though he never thought he would be any more than a small cot holder like the rest of his family.
Name: Doranth
Color: Dark chocolate brown
Age:5 Turns
Personality: As bubbly as his rider. Gets along well with all the dragons and their riders.
Physical Description: Again, like his rider, he is average, though very slick, streamlined and very fast for a brown.
Where Impressed: Ista Weyr
Name: Jeep
Type: Firelizard
Color: Jade green
Age: 2 Turns
Size: Small
Markings/scars: None
Personality: Very energetic and quick.
History: Was impressed by T'lay by accident when he stopped at a beach to let Doranth hunt.


O'dette   (Oladette)
Pronounced: Oh det
Nickname: Detty
Sex: Female
Rank: Blue Rider
Age: 24
Birthplace: Igen Weyr
Mother's Name, rank, location: Olana, Greenrider,  Igen Weyr.
Father's Name, rank, location: Detrik, Brownrider, Igen Weyr.
Siblings: Three brothers, all riders.
Significant others: none
Children: none
Height: 168cm
Build: Slim, curvy in the right places.
Hair color/style: Black, Short and tightly curled,
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Olive
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better:

Habits: Biting her nails. Sleeping late and missing breakfast to compensate.
Hobbies: Hunting and gaming.
Personality: She's as tough as her Blue and prefers the bed of women to men, but she's not adverse to the intimacy to be had with men.

She is fiercely loyal and extremely sensitive of people their circumstances and to what they say. She sometimes over reacts to situations and may be quick to fly off the mouth in her own or at someone else's defense. She has a strong sense of responsibility to her duty as a dragon rider and she and her bond mate are quite skilled when it comes to searching new candidates.

O'dette is an active young woman who enjoys physical activity and deplores anything that requires fine motor skills such as sewing or weaving.

She's an accomplished hunter and enjoys the chase. However, she is a sucker for gaming and placing wagers and can often lose her marks quickly. She's apt to start a fight if she thinks she's been cheated at the tables.

Background: Born and raised in Igen Weyr to her dragon rider parents, O'dette was fostered into the care of a lower cavern worker when she was not even a year old.

She impressed blue Eldarith shortly after her fifteenth birthing day much to her family's surprise. She still retains a large scar down her back from the only brown of that same clutch which ran her down on the way to it's bond mate during the hatching. The rider of said brown became the reason for her split with L'renia.

O'dette transferred to Canyon Weyr after fighting with her then weyrmate L'renia. The two female blueriders split after O'dette caught L'renia in bed with a Brownrider O'dette had always hated.

O'dette is an anomaly at Canyon Weyr, being one of Pern's few female blueriders.

Dragon Information
Name: Eldarith
Age: 9
Color: Blue
Sire/Dame: Sire, Smirnoth.  Dam, Harvuth.
Personality: Feisty and loyal. He doesn't take no for an answer that easily.
Wing: Swiftwind
Where impressed: Igen

Chissa   Played By Katherine
Pronounced: Chee-sa
Nickname: None currently, she does not approve of them.
Sex: Female
Rank: Green rider
Age: 22
Birthplace: Southern Boll Hold
Mother's Name, rank, location: Dremi, wife, Southern Boll Hold-Alive
Foster Mother: Thellin, wife, Southern Boll Hold-Deceased
Father's Name, rank, location: Chato, Holder, Southern Boll Hold- Alive
Foster Father: Gurj, Harper, Southern Boll Hold-Alive
Chadan-Eldest brother
Hacoris-Second Eldest brother
Finana-Eldest sister
Jaer-Third Eldest brother
Drelyas-Second Eldest sister
Reevu-Younger brother
Significant others: None
Children: None
Height: 5’5’’
Build: Athletic, wide of shoulders and thin of flank. Lightly muscled.
Hair color/style: Dark brown, dusted with red highlights. Shoulder length with a slight wave to it, habitually pulled back in a very unflattering tail that pulls the skin taut across her forehead. The ends are in need of a good trimming.
Eyes: Ash gray and round in shape.
Complexion: A golden tan.
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: Her voice is little better then a hoarse murmur, if she must communicate long distance then she has her dragon relay the message. She is a smaller figure and not overly muscular, so she has to work twice as hard to do some of the more arduous task of a dragon rider, though she would never admit to needing assistance. She sticks to the dragon rider outfit and for gathering will wear some form of men’s clothing if she can get away with it.
Habits: Sitting long hours without moving and pacing when agitated.
Hobbies: Collecting feminine attire; soft dresses, ribbons and odd bits of jewelry never to be worn in public.
Personality: Rather introverted now, she was temperamental as a child. A flaw she grew out of, with much effort put forth on her part based in training and the idolization of an acquaintance. Though still prone to flashes of temper, she doesn't reveal her emotions often. She is a quiet person, smiles do not frequent her face. Preferring to keep the aloof professional appearance at all public settings, after the experience with V‘nis she is uncomfortable with the idea of showing her feelings to a person she is interested in, as she does now wish to be rejected. She is also a woman of few words. She doesn't handle being near people tolerably well anymore, which can cause her problems. She’s grave and doesn't understand many jokes. Still young, perhaps the liveliness of her past and the seriousness of her present state of mind can come to some agreement so she won’t continue to be such a lackluster person.
Background: She was the youngest daughter of an exceedingly large family. Being such, she and her brother were often passed over in favor of the older children whose usefulness was closer at hand. Wanting a quick and easy solution for the problem Dremi, their mother, bestowed them upon her elder sister Thellin who had no children.
Thellin who had tried for years with her husband to have a child, was delighted by the prospect that she would now have two, both a boy and a girl. As she lived in the same household, it was not as if the children would never see their siblings or parents. It was agreed upon that they would merely be providing more attention to Chissa and her brother Reevu, and giving them a place to be without getting in their parents’ path. When they were older they could of course join a craft or be married off, or so they had planned.
Thellin and her husband Gurj could never admit to themselves that they had an unfair preference for girl children and were to weak at heart to chastise or deny Chissa anything. So Chissa grew up as a spoilt child. Knowing nothing of need, she was wild and demanding. Her brother was ignored for the most part which never disturbed her as she reveled in being the center of attention. Her temper was considerable and horrid, howling and weeping and manipulating all.
This behavior was allowed to continue until the age of thirteen, but was stopped when she was searched for candidacy. It took the firm hand of the weyr to break her of her wretched behavior. The first few fortnights were spent screaming and crying. The raving continuing long after she was unable make further noise. All because she had chores to do, because she was not first in everyone’s eyes. Because she was not informed that she was bright or beautiful, because she could not do what she desired to do. Afterwards she was left with only a croak of a whisper to communicate with. The healer did what he could, but with little success, in time perhaps it would heal on its own.
This incident was the turning point in her life. She had an epiphany, and though it did not occur overnight, in the three years of her candidacy she changed. So much so, that her family failed to recognize her at the hatching. They could hardly see the child they once remembered when presented with this youthful figure who had hair cropped ruthlessly short and who hardly spoke a word. Chissa had chosen to follow the path of her role model, a quiet youth from a very simple background that shared her class. He was respected by his fellows and was commonly used as an example by the Candidate and Weyrling masters. Vinkenis, soft spoken and easy to talk with. If one had a problem or a desire to talk then he was the likely choice to see.
It started during their candidacy and continued in their weyrling training that she felt the first sting of puppy love. While she had impressed a lithe and beautiful green named Eyrieth, he was bonded to medium russet brown named Gathonith. The feelings she had developed, but were never reciprocated and so she suffered in silence. She continued in her chosen path of quite respect and was known to be a good choice for tight maneuvering during flight practice.
When Eyrieth rose, Chissa would have another change to deal with in her life. For it was Gathonith who had caught her green. V’nis who had known of her feelings, though polite, told her there could never be anything between them as he already cared for another. Pained by the news and confused she became introverted, more so then she already was. She avoided V’nis and to deal with her bewilderment, dedicated herself to her dragon and to her life as a dragon rider.
At the age of 22, she stopped to scrutinize her past. Childhood and been rooted in self indulgence, teenage years spent involving herself in work and filled with hurt. For one moment she let the mask drop as she sat beside Eyrieth on their weyrledge. Could she continue her life in this fashion? Is this what she wanted? Not knowing, she did the only logical thing she could think of. Test it out. Go somewhere new and see how it turns out. Her feelings for V’nis had never truly vanished and it was time for her to move away from that fantasy. Thus, she asked for a transfer and was recommended to Canyon weyr.

Dragon Information
Name: Eyrieth
Age: Seven
Color: Green-A mild olive green with some sea green markings on her wingtips and underside.
Sire/Dame: Bronze Warpth / Gold Kwehlorth
Personality: Certainly more relaxed and willing to carry on a one-sided conversation with her rider. She is a very gentle and mild green. She does not often express the stereotypical flightiness of her coloring, but enjoys a good chase nonetheless. She cares greatly for her rider and is often quite concerned on how alone Chissa is. What her rider wishes for, she does her best to live up too. Thus they make a very good team during drills. She doesn't dally when given a job, though will become resentful if not properly thanked for her efforts…a task Chissa often has to handle. She is the only one Chissa ever talks to openly about her feelings.
Wing: Will be filled in for you.
Where impressed: Fort Weyr