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Queens Wing
Rank                     Name                 Player
Weyr Woman                     Palora                Carah
Retired Queenrider        TBA                Open
Junior Weyr Woman         TBA                Open
Weyr Harper            Cyanne                Carah

Palora   Played by Carah
Pronounced: Pal-OR-ah
Nickname: None
Sex: Female
Rank: Weyrwoman
Age: 21 Turns
Birthplace: Igen Weyr
Mother's Name, rank, location: Loranel, greenrider, Igen Weyr
Foster Mother: Milseena, creche attendant
Father's Name, rank, location: P'non, bronze wingleader, Igen Weyr
Siblings: Two half siblings, both green riders
Significant others: J'lon, Weyrleader to Canyon Weyr
Children: Currently with child

Height: 5' 3"
Build: Slim to almost petite. Well toned and extremely healthy
Hair color/style: Long russet, thick hair. Some waves. Reaches the small of her back.
Eyes: Dark hazel/gray eyes.
Complexion: Medium, tans well and evenly. Has a very light smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She had very white, straight teeth that gives her a dazzling smile.
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: Palora is extremely self confident. She has an artistic streak and likes to draw.

Habits: Wrinkles her pert nose when she laughs.
Hobbies: Drawing and designing clothing.
Personality: As a self confident woman, Palora feels she is right in most things and is not at all afraid to argue her point. She is quite emotional and doesn't hide her emotions, except from J'lon on occasion. She does have a temper, but never lets it get out of hand. She has a slight jealous nature when it comes to things that belong to her and will fight to keep what is hers. That includes J'lon, her position as Weyrwoman and anything else she feels she has a right to.

Background: Palora was the product of a green flight and was immediately given over to the creche attendant as a wet nurse and then as her foster mother. As she grew up, she became very attached to her foster mother and to this day they have a very close relationship. She was the usual weyrbrat, however, she did tend to champion the underdog, not realizing that she was smaller than most of her contemporaries. She got into a small amount of trouble at sneaking into the hatching grounds one time too many. The current Weyrwoman was not a tolerant woman and many a time Palora had midden duty. Milseena kept Palora's exuberance under control most of the time, but Palora was intelligent and got away from her on a few occasions. When Palora was 18, Milseena took her on a trip to return a youngster too old for the creche back to his father who happened to raise whers. To everyone's surprise, the blue wher that was currently on duty was enamored by Palora. Milseena asked and was given permission to have Palora stand at the next hatching. She was left standing at that hatching, but impressed gold Tranath at the next. Tranath grew slowly and the leaders began to worry that something was wrong. By the time Tranath was 4 turns old, she still had not risen. Palora, however was not concerned. She soon petitioned to locate another weyr and with her, at that time, friend J'lon, they established Canyon. Soon after, Tranath rose and Domarth caught her in a very long flight. Palora fell in love with J'lon despite her misgivings at getting along with him.

Dragon Information
Name: Tranath
Age: Not quite 5 turns
Color: A deep burnished gold
Sire/Dame: Carnoth/Lesrith
Personality: Tranath is quiet, intelligent, if a bit slower than normal. She takes her time with everything. She is possessive of Domarth and her rider and has a temper when provoked.
Wing: Queen's Wing
Where impressed: Igen Weyr

Pet Information:
Name: Cince (pronounced Sin-see) Given to Palora by her birth mother when she impressed gold.
Age: Not quite 5 turns
Color: Brown with gold flecks on the underside of his wings.
Species: Firelizard
Personality: A big busybody, but is able to entertain himself.


Cyanne  played by Carah
Name: Cyanne
Pronounced: KY-an
Nickname: Cy, pronounced Ky
Sex: Male
Rank: Weyr Harper
Age: 20
Birthplace: High Reaches Hold
Mother's Name, rank, location: Kaymira, Lady Holder, High Reaches Hold, deceased
Father's Name, rank, location: Cyroner, Lord Holder, High Reaches
Siblings: Six older siblings
Significant others: None
Children: None
Height: 5' 6"
Build: Small frame, fine-boned, thin to the point of almost being skinny
Hair color/style: Straight light brown with red highlights. He keeps it long and pulled back.
Eyes: Dark, dark brown
Complexion: Pale, burns easily
Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: Cyanne appears sickly at first sight. He was prematurely born, so has a small stature.
Habits: Smiles a lot. Playing his pipes. Whistling all the time.
Hobbies: Music, any kind.
Personality: Cyanne is a friendly young man, getting along with others with hardly an effort. He is naturally curious, so makes a good listener and confidant. He laughs easily for all his hard life.
Background: Cyanne is the seventh and last child of the Lord and Lady of High Reaches Hold. His mother died at his birth. He was 2 months premature and it wasn't known if he would even live. But, live, however, he did. His childhood was not a pleasant one. His father ignored him and blamed him for his Lady's death. His older siblings tended to follow their father's example, so Cyanne was left to his own devices much of his youth. A young woman, five turns his senior, from a nearby cot, took a fancy to him and gave him a love of music. She was to become a harper, but she was searched and became rider to gold Tranath. Because of Palora's influence, Cyanne decided to leave his blood ties behind and become a harper. His father and his new spouse were happy to see him go. At 12 turns, Cyanne traveled to the Harper Hall and became an apprentice. He excelled in all the teachings, from voice, to instrument, to composition, despite his size and rank. He walked the tables to Journeyman at 15 turns. He journeyed to many places on Pern, never quite finding his niche. At 18 turns he was back at the Harper Hall to receive his senior status and was contacted by Palora. She asked if he would like to be the Harper for a new found Weyr in the southern continent and Cyanne readily agreed. As Palora's lifelong friend, Cyanne had a prestigious place among the Riders and was told he could stand for Tranath's clutch. Cyanne was presented to Tranath's first clutch and impressed a little sky blue dragon by the name of Puth. Puth, like Cyanne, was the runt of the hatching, but they were well suited for each other.

Dragon Information
Name: Puth
Age: 2 turns, just out of Weyrlinghood
Color: Sky blue with a somewhat darker underbelly
Sire/Dame: Dormath/Tranath
Personality: Puth, like his rider, is friendly and gets along well with other dragons. He shows some promise as a search dragon, but prefers to lounge around and listen to his rider's music.
Wing: Will be filled in for you.
Where impressed: Canyon Weyr