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Senior Weyrlings
Rank                     Name             Player
Bronze     Weyrling        TBA            Open
Brown    Weyrling        L'gal            Adoptable
Blue    Weyrling        TBA            Open
Green    Weyrling        TBA            Open
Green    Weyrling        TBA            Open
Green    Weyrling        TBA            Open



Pronounced: L'gal

Nickname: Loddy

Sex: M

Rank: Senior Weyrling

Age: 18

Birthplace: Half Circle Sea Hold

Mother's Name, rank, location: Lerinna Master Fisher, Half Circle Hold

Father's Name, rank, location: Ridagon Master Fisher, Half Circle Sear Hold

Siblings: 1. Older brother, Rinid, Journey man Fishcrafter

Significant others: Nil

Children: Nil

Height: 178cm

Build: Medium and his arms and upper body well developed from his drumming.

Hair color/style: Short, shaggy sandy brown hair that sits just on his neckline.

Eyes: Grey green.

Complexion: Deeply tanned.

Anything you feel would help describe your persona better: Loddy has finally grown into his manly physique and walks with an air of quiet confidence

Habits: Usually taps his fingers in drum patterns while he's thinking or studying. Loves a hot cup of Klah to start his early morning shifts in the drum tower.

Hobbies: Often heads out on a small skip when he has a day off. Also loves writing poetry, usually about his current crush.

Personality: Lodigan is a good listener and often offers a friendly ear to those younger than he is. He doesn't get angry or frustrated easily and is pretty easy going.  However he can often get himself into trouble by being unable to say no. He hasn't quite learnt how to be assertive and ends up with the worst task or having over committed himself.

Background: Having grown up at Half Circle Sea Hold  he entered a drummer apprenticeship later in life having spent two years as a Fish Crafter apprentice.

However, he didn't' have the same knack as the rest of his relatives and found his niche in drumming. At 17 turns he was searched but and impressed Brown Jardarth.

Dragon Information
Name: Jardarth
Age: 1
Color: Brown
Sire/Dam: Sire, Domarth. Dam, Tranath.
Wing: Dawnsflame, Senior Weyrling Wing
Where impressed: Canyon Weyr

Hold or Hall name: Half Circle Sea Hold
Craft: Drummer Craft
Time spent in Craft: 3 years